Concours Jeunes Journalistes

We are 16 students from the 6e Classique of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers and we wanted to take part in the Concours Jeune Journaliste to learn more about the work of a journalist and the topic of solidarity. In our ‘coaching’ lesson, we discussed the meaning of solidarity in our everyday lives, and then we came up with different ideas on how we could plan and organize our contribution for this competition. We decided to split up into pairs and our English teacher helped us come up with a timeline for the project. We brainstormed to find different areas in which people help refugees and then we asked our friends and family or called different organisations to set up interviews. Our media education teacher taught us how to prepare and record interviews and showed us a way of publishing our work online. You can find our different contributions below and we hope you will enjoy them!

by Julie Rivas and Aaron Väisänen

par Aline Engel und Baptiste Drapier

von Jennifer Kreins und Anastasija Savic

von Alex Andresini und Charlie Stutz

von Marie Barthels und David Das Neves Ferreira

by Jorge Coustet and Jacob Lokanathen

von Luca Brunetti und Ben Krämer

by Fendrich Luana and Keyla do Nascimento